09-10 March 2016, Workshop, Athens - 2nd QUALICHeCK Workshop: Voluntary and regulatory frameworks to improve quality and compliance of solar control, cool roofs and ventilative cooling

The 2nd QUALICHeCK Workshop took place in Athens, Greece, on 9-10 March 2016, and focused on sustainable summer comfort technologies. Within the context of compliance and quality, topics covered included solar control, developments in cooling technologies and potential for advanced cooling, status on ventilative cooling, cool roofs and more. In addition, summer comfort was examined from the perspectives of energy, climate change and energy poverty. 


23-24 September 1997, Conference, Athens - 18th AIVC Conference

The 18th AIVC Conference, Ventilation and Cooling, was held in Athens, Greece, 23-24 September 1997.


25-26 September 2013, Conference, Athens - 34th AIVC Conference

Energy conservation technologies for mitigation and adaptation in the built environment: the role of ventilation strategies and smart materials



27-29 September 2007, Conference, Crete - 28th AIVC Conference

The 28th AIVC and 2nd Palenc Conference, Building Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century, was held in Crete, Greece, 27-29 September 2007


4-6 May 2022, Conference, Athens, 41st AIVC - ASHRAE IAQ joint conference

[COVID-19 update] Because of COVID-19 uncertainty of conditions to hold a face-to-face conference in Athens in September 2021, ASHRAE and AIVC decided to postpone the conference and reschedule it for May 4-6, 2022. There will not be a new call for abstracts for the rescheduled conference dates..

The conference "IAQ 2020: Indoor Environmental Quality Performance Approaches Transitioning from IAQ to IEQ”, organized by ASHRAE and AIVC, will be held in Athens, Greece. The conference will also be the 9th TightVent and 7th venticool conference. 


ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter

NKUA University of Athens