17-20 September 1996, Conference, Gothenburg - 17th AIVC Conference

The 17th AIVC Conference - Optimum Ventilation and Air Flow Control in Buildings, was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, 17-20 September 1996.


21-23 September 1981, Conference, Stockholm - 2nd AIVC Conference

The 2nd AIVC Conference - Building design for minimum air infiltration, was held in Stockholm, Sweden, 21-23 September 1981. 


16-17 March 2015, Workshop, Lund –Voluntary and Regulatory Frameworks to Improve Quality and Compliance of ventilation and airtightness

Although ventilation and airtightness are covered in most countries by various regulations focussed on energy performance and/or indoor air quality, the effectiveness of these regulations is often called into question. A number of studies have shown significant deviations between assumed and actual characteristics of the building or equipment, possibly resulting in non-compliance to the regulation and/or degraded performance.


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