12-11-2020 | EU

The AIVC board decided in their last (online) meeting of September 2020 to start a project to collect, discuss and disseminate information about COVID-19 in relation to ventilation and airtightness. A working group was created to define and carry out the project, with the title ‘Ventilation, airtightness and COVID-19’. 

This newsletter is a first outcome of the project. It presents a number of questions and answers developed and reviewed by working group members. The collection of relevant questions and the development of clear answers in line with most recent scientific understanding is a continuing process, to which we also invite you, as a reader, to participate. Let us know if you have a question for the working group. This way we hope to expand the FAQ-section, also posted on the AIVC-website. Many other international organizations in the domain of HVAC, health care and disease prevention have developed information and guidance documents to support decision makers and the public about the COVID-19 pandemic. This newsletter therefore contains an overview of frequently asked questions in relation to COVID-19 and building ventilation, developed by a number of those organizations. The ventilation related guidelines by REHVA and ASHRAE will receive specific attention during the upcoming AIVC webinar, to be held on November 20th, 2020. This webinar is a second outcome of the project, with detailed information in this newsletter and on the AIVC website.

The newsletter is freely accessible here.