18-19 March 2008, Workshop, Ghent - Trends in national building ventilation markets and drivers for change
18 - 19 March 2008 | Ghent, Belgium
Hotel Novotel Gent Centrum
08:30 Europe/Brussels

The aims of the workshop were:

  • to inform interested parties (industry, regulators,…) of the latest changes in national building ventilation markets, with an attention not only for IAQ and energy issues, but also on airtightness and assessment of innovative systems issues,
  • to identify the drivers for changes,
  • to discuss the status in a round table with industry representatives.

The workshop aimed to answer to the following kind of questions:

  • Which evolutions in the type of requirements and the buildings covered by the regulation? Are there requirements in terms of ventilation for achieving good indoor air quality, in terms of controls, in terms of stimulating the reduction of the energy consumption, regarding building and/or ductwork airtightness, night time ventilation for passive cooling, thermal/acoustical comfort linked to ventilation? Are there specific requirements regarding buildings without or with major renovation and about ventilation systems for low energy buildings (passive)?
  • What are experiences with compliances? What about the quality of the ventilation systems on their real life? Are they well installed and do they receive adequate maintenance? Is the information and training of installers and maintenance companies OK? ƒ What are the major trends in the type of systems used? For instance, what about eco-design of ventilation components?
  • Is there a framework for the assessment of the energy performance of innovative ventilation systems in the context of energy performance regulations?

The target audience of the workshop included industry representatives, policy makers, researchers, consultants and designers.